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It is a common belief among people that frozen foods, as industrial products, are generally unhealthy, always lacking in flavors, colors, and odors, as well as essential nutrients for a healthy diet, and harmful to the environment due to the high emissions generated by the freezing process.

In reality, science demonstrates that this is not always the case: it is indeed possible to create and produce frozen foods that are completely natural, healthy, without waste, and environmentally friendly. With the right precautions and a strong commitment to change, even those who produce frozen foods can make a significant contribution to a more sustainable world. Briostino is a food concept that aims to change the negative perception associated with frozen products through the sale of an innovative food item. The project stems from the analysis of misconceptions about frozen foods, particularly the one that says, "If there's an asterisk, it's not good," which becomes the focal point of the project.

In collaboration with Frosta and Legambiente, the project aims to highlight the positive properties of frozen foods, both in terms of product quality and commitment to the environment.