Budeugi Lyak IED Barcelona – Estudiante: Su Bin Shin

Academic year


A graphic project for educational purposes that demonstrates both visible and invisible resistance during the Japanese occupation of Korea

Educational art project using graphic design tools about Korean citizens’ and activists’ resistance to the censorship imposed by Imperial Japan during the country’s period of occupation.

Budeugi Lyak is divided into two parts: visible resistance and invisible resistance. The first is represented by a newspaper containing articles about incidents that occurred throughout the country’s colonisation, and records the damages that were caused by Imperial Japan. These articles are censored in four different ways: through dragged lead plate, inverted type, advertisements, and word replacement.

The second part consists of a letter, a map, an ID card and Hangeul (Korean alphabet) study materials. Each of the pieces symbolises what Koreans wish to preserve: communication in their mother tongue, their country, their ethnicity, and their culture and language.