Caminos de Resistencia IED Barcelona – Estudiante: Irene Fuente Fernández

Academic year


A traveling historical exhibition about the anti-fascist resistance movement that includes various graphic applications in physical and digital format

Travelling historical exhibition paying homage to all those who fought for class equality and the defence of freedoms during the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s Dictatorship. The protagonist is Ramiro Fuente Ochoa, the grandfather of the student and member of the anti-Franco resistance, who bequeaths some memoirs — that will be the starting point for the entire project — to his granddaughter.

The work includes a catalogue in tabloid format and a range of graphic applications (posters, invitations, merchandising, banners and reels...) to promote the exhibition and create an entire visual identity around it.

The designer includes chromatic and typographic references of the time, such as the main typeface, Ombra.