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Project focused on offering alternatives to promote a universal design that prioritises the health of all

Research project on how design can improve the living conditions of people affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, focusing on the spatial aspect and on the promotion of universal design that prioritises the health of all.

The student explores different perspectives on the issue, and in a bid to visualise it in a tangible way, she generates images with AI, enriching the design process. In addition, she proposes the installation of a mobile capsule that reproduces an apparently healthy communal home that contains invisible toxic materials that can be seen with augmented reality.

Finally, she creates a technical solution to intervene in the design process of architects and other construction professionals: “Free from toxic” is a plugin that can be integrated with Autodesk’s Revit software, and provides information on the toxicity of materials used in the construction sector. It offers tools to compare projects based on health criteria and also offers alternatives to replace conventional materials with healthy materials, based on the certification criteria and transparency of associated suppliers.

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