Academic year


The video of Valentina Cammarota, Rebecca Cuscione and Manuel Roscigno directed by Martina Amoruso is selected among the best styling projects of IED Milano Master's Course in Fashion Communication & Styling.

The aesthetic thesis project is inspired by the interaction that the fashion industry has with cinema, art, and photography. More specifically, the main references are two films: "Girl, Interrupted" directed by James Mangold and "A Cure for Wellness" directed by Gore Verbinski. Steven Meisel's editorial "Cleansing" for the July 2007 issue of Vogue Italia was one of the main sources of inspiration due to the "taboo" it addresses.

Regarding the artistic aspect, there is a strong connection between the main concept and the psychologically profound portraits of Egon Schiele. The issue of mental health is something that the fashion industry has always dealt with, but trying to hide or attenuate it. What was done in the fashion film is to make it explicit without delving fully into the clinical aspect of these dangerous pathologies.

The narrative is based on three girls representing three specific pathologies: OCD, schizophrenia, and attention deficit. The protagonists take their first step in the narrative by physically entering a very calm and aseptic open space where they wait for their therapy session. In support of this, the narration does not follow a fluid flow but is rich in unexpected flashbacks that make the "illness" real. The connection between each girl and her pathology is represented by a symbolic scenario in which they feel enslaved by their illness.

Thanks to the lights and the chosen palette of cool colors, the fashion film aims to enter the minds of our characters, recreated through labyrinthine movements, suffocating rooms, and psychedelic lights.


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