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November 2024


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1 Year

Course Coordination

Giulio Martinelli

Learn how to best manage your communication tools to talk about the future of fashion across multiple media. Here's what awaits you at the Master’s Course in Fashion Communication and Styling at IED Milano

Working in fashion communication and styling means having the privilege and responsibility to understand and interpret how brands and products evolve. This also involves staying ahead of new media developments and pushing the narrative beyond current boundaries.

The challenge about this job is to create a real connection between products, brands and consumers. With a deep understanding of how market and society dynamics work, you will be able to tell stories about the core values of brands, products and fashion trends.

With the Master’s Course in Fashion Communication and Styling at IED Milano you will quickly learn how to move through this industry as you search for inspiration and explore your own personal style with each new project you are involved in. You will try your hand at developing publishing projects, articles, fashion films, social media contents, look-books and much more.

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This Master’s Course seeks to train up skilled storytellers who can enhance the value of fashion products using all the different communication tools available today

The Master’s Course in Fashion Communication and Styling at IED Milano provides education through a mix that provides theory and cultural subjects. Special emphasis is also placed on studying the fashion system with its key influential figures. An in-depth analysis of the creative process will also be provided, as you work on specific hands-on projects under the supervision of the best professionals available on the market.

This Master’s Course will introduce you to a historical, cultural and visual perspective of the fashion system. We will then deepen our knowledge of communication processes, covering everything from how a press office is structured and operates, to the analysis of the fashion show as an opportunity to strengthen brand identity. 

You will explore a variety of media channels and forms of expression, such as publishing, the web, new media, and advertising. As the visual side of brand communication has become so crucial, practical sessions will be arranged as a way to experiment with all the activities and techniques involved in the area of styling. This includes everything from iconographic research, fashion look design, selecting models and venues for fashion show events, all the way to shaping style and creative identity.

As a fashion consultant, you need to develop excellent interdisciplinary knowledge combined with a good understanding of industry trends. You also need to be able to develop and manage new information delivery techniques and carry out an integrated communication strategy for fashion brands.

The Master’s Course in Fashion Communication and Styling is open to Italian/international graduates and school leavers in the fields of fashion, communication and marketing. Young professionals with at least two years of experience in the field are also eligible.

Anybody deciding to approach this profession should be driven by passion to always look ahead, because the world of fashion travels fast. You need to stay ahead of the times and move forward into the future. You also need to be able to look around and feel inspired, making full use of any feeling of enthusiasm you get from the world around you.

Over the last few years, this Master’s Course has trained qualified professionals who are now building extraordinary careers in Europe as well as in international settings. Upon completion, you will be able to start working as a Communication Manager, Image

Consultant, Fashion Stylist, Trend Setter, PR, Fashion content creator, Creative consultant for press offices, agencies and the publishing industry, being employed by Italian and international fashion brands or working as a freelancer.

The Master’s Course in Fashion Communication and Styling at IED Milano provides a year-long training track. Here you will learn how to best use all the communication tools available to successfully interact with the changes and innovations of a fast-moving system like fashion.

Students in this course come from all over the world with a great desire to experience and find out more about Milan through the many different exhibitions, events, and fashion shows held here. And as they take this course, they really have the opportunity to get closer to the professional world.

The key asset of this Master’s Course is a proactive exchange with all your lecturers, who are also professionals in the fashion industry. This provides students with a better understanding of how fashion firms and agencies work, and helps them create a professional network full of contacts and new experiences. 

The Master’s Course in Fashion Communication and Styling at IED Milano seeks to train up experts who can bring value to fashion products with their multiple communication skills, as they produce such content as visuals, videos, and publishing projects.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 


The study programme of the Master’s Degree in Fashion Communication and Styling at IED Milano consists of both face-to-face lectures and workshops with a practical focus, all alternating to provide you with a well-rounded training based on a 'learning by doing' approach. 

You will have the opportunity to exchange views with industry professionals and leading players in fashion and communication as you attend seminars and workshops and have your projects assessed by a panel of fashion industry experts.

On the last part of the course, you will be presenting your dissertation project. This will be a great opportunity for you to practise and share all the knowledge and ideas you have gained throughout the course.


Fashion Culture
Methodology of Project Development
Fashion Communication
Press Office and Fashion Events
Photo Set
Project Still Life
Project Styling Womenswear
Project Styling Menswear
Visual Language
Fashion Video
Presentation Techniques

Thesis Project


Giulio Martinelli

Fashion Director

Course Coordinator

Saverio Lombardi Vallauri

Architectural and Interior Photographer

Guia Rossi

Professional Journalist and Fashion & Design Editor

Cristina Manfredi

Journalist, writer, creative advisor, lecturer

Giovanni Ottonello

Art Director - IED

Davide Andreatta

Freelance Stylist and Art Director

Paolo Consaga

Photographer & Video Editor

Andrea Giacopuzzi

Graphic Designer

Francesca Perani

Architect-activist, graphic designer and illustrator

Patrick Clark

Fashion Stylist, Art Director and Editor

Alessandro Milzoni

Lecturer in Menswear Styling for the Master Course in Fashion Communication and Styling

Marco Celotti

Fashion Film Director

Nicola Garzetti

Director and Videomaker in fashion, TV and music

Andrea Venturi

Head of Performance Marketing at Ready2Fly

Daniele De Florio

Digital Marketing Sr Manager @Barilla Group

Mario Vincenti

Communication&PR Director

Federico Casiraghi

Head of Design at Endu

Marco Malinverno

Director at Propers srl and Sociologist

Anna Bianchi

Head Hunter & HR Senior Consultant

Course partner