Academic year


Covering everything from seats to ballet shoes, baby carriers and rehab gloves, IED Roma brings forward 3D printing techniques as a way to make customized yet mass-produced products.

Design For Each and All is a resulting project from a partnership between IED Roma, Formlabs, and 3DiTALY, the latter two being a leading company and a pilot lab for 3D printing.

Combining the uniqueness and exclusivity of handcrafted products with cost-effective and time-saving industrial production is a fundamental change in how we think about design. This was the challenge of the Design for each and all project, a new frontier in product design called mass customization.

Product Design students were involved in developing projects that can exploit the technology brought about by 3D printing to change the way that products are produced and used, while also improving people's quality of life.

Prototypes are rehab gloves for stroke sufferers, a backpack/baby carrier designed specifically for women's bodies; a design seat that fits users' backs, or a pair of custom-made ballet shoes. They also created motorcycle protectors, violin chin rests and safety goggles.

Products that tell the story of mass customization were presented at the 10th running of Maker Faire Rome, Europe's largest event on innovation.