Academic year


Developing a digital strategy to bring the Acqua alle Rose brand closer to a young audience that is familiar with digital channels, and in particular, structure a 360-degree digital campaign that includes the use of both the brand's social and digital channels (website), as well as retailer channels for user conversion to Amazon purchases.

The first step of the project was to analyze the scenario in order to respond to the objectives of the brief. The problems that people encounter when they have to choose between too many alternatives were identified, particularly the phenomenon of "choice overload". Subsequently, consumers were asked what the most important aspects of their purchasing experiences are, both online and offline. The Customer Obsession approach of Amazon and Netflix was observed to provide personalized experiences to customers. Finally, a benchmark was conducted to analyze competitors and understand how they engage consumers in every stage of the funnel.

After the analysis, the insight was formulated that people want to make the best choice in the simplest way possible. For this reason, every brand should put the consumer at the center, to help them choose among different options, accompanying them at every stage of the journey. The campaign concept is "Make it Easy" and the goal is to simplify the audience's life, from daily routine to interaction with the brand and product.

To achieve this goal, various activities have been developed, both digital and offline, to increase brand and campaign awareness, stimulate consideration and generate conversion, retention, and advocacy. Two night-time physical activities are planned, one outside some clubs and the other in collaboration with Uber. Influencers will also be involved in spreading the concept and launching an Instagram contest and a TikTok challenge.