Digital Communication Strategy



Start date

November 2024


Full time


On campus


1 Year

Course Coordination

Alas Gatti

If you want to understand the rules of digital channels and learn how to deal with multiplatform communication strategies, the Master's Course in Digital Communication Strategy at IED Milano is your next step

Learn how to develop digital strategies within an increasingly complex contemporary world, where the Web has become the main source of information that we all look for.

The Master's Course in Digital Communication Strategy will help you understand that no matter how dematerialized, digital relationships are now the main focus when it comes to managing the relationship between brands, products, services and end consumers.

Indeed, brand values need to be consistent across all market strategies, whatever the channel involved.

Information to decide

Learning about the rules of the current digital world as a way to set out the rules of the future digital world

The Master's Course in Digital Communication Strategy at IED Milano provides a project-based full immersion programme consisting of lectures, visits, practical sessions and meetings with professionals from agencies and companies, as well as Content Creators, Opinion Leaders and Media Gurus from Italy and abroad.

You will develop real-life projects based on briefs submitted by our partner companies. This will allow you to enhance your personal portfolio -a key tool to access internship opportunities or field projects with agencies and companies after completing your training.

You will be taking an active part in different industry events, as you move through the ever-changing context of city of Milan. You will be involved in cross-cutting activities connected with creativity, innovation, vocational training and the world of work, to encourage team building dynamics. Coordinated administration of the Master's Course social media pages 'We Love Digital Strategy' will be of equal importance.

This Master's Course seeks to provide you with specialist training, helping you consolidate your skills, acquire new ones and shape, day by day, your professional future within a market that is constantly growing in terms of figures, momentum and expertise.

The Master's Course in Digital Communication Strategy at IED Milano is for those like you who feel curious and driven by a strong passion for the digital world, eager to understand the logics behind it and experiment with new ones.

It is intended for students who have earned a degree in the area of arts, humanities, technology/economics, with a strong desire to move into a future career in digital communication.  

The Master's Course in Digital Communication Strategy at IED Milano is based on a test-and-learn approach. That means there is no golden rule if you want to work in the digital business. All you need is a method and a culture to learn to quickly adapt to any change.

Right from the first days you will take part in Open Lessons, Conferences and Visiting, all of them being great opportunities for you to engage with professionals in the field. You will also be involved in face-to-face discussions with experts in coaching, counselling and personal branding who will help guide you in defining your professional future.

Connection with the world of work is very strong: the faculty is entirely made up of professionals who can bring theory and practice into the classroom through company case histories and project work. While students receive training as part of the Master's programme, our partnering professionals will identify those who are ready to work with them either in a company or in an agency.

This Master's Course will give you the skills to work as a Social Media Manager, Social Media Specialist, Community Manager, Digital PR, Digital Content Strategist, Digital Strategist Project Manager and Data Analyst. But most importantly, you will be provided with all the tools you need to successfully adapt to change and take full advantage of the many opportunities available within the digital world.


Your study programme will run for 10 months, 7 of training and 3 of internship or field project. 

You will learn how to use social platforms directly, but most importantly you will gain skills in data measurement and analysis.

The last 3 months of your Master's Degree will give you the opportunity to take on an internship/field project, within one of the partner companies of the IED Network.

This includes small and medium-sized businesses, large multinationals, top brands, studios of different sizes, and innovative start-ups.


Digital strategy
Content and creativity
Social media and digital PR
Marketing and Digital Communication 
Communication and Brand Identity
Technicalities and presentation skills
Data and Analytics
Projects and workshops
Thesis Project


Design Thinking Workshop
Creative Thinking
Design Week
Job Tools
Open Lesson, Lectures and Visiting


Alas Gatti

Course Coordinator

Annamaria Anelli

Business Writer and lecturer on effective writing

Gabriele Caeti

Executive Creative Director

Mafe De Baggis

Communication Consultant    

Simonetta De Brumatti

Chief Creative & Design Officer

Andrea Fusco

Head of Creative Services

Hoang Huynh

Managing Partner at Tactical, Head of Service Design and CX at Value Partners

Tiziana Lattaruli

Chief Marketing & Digital Strategy officer

Michela Noè

Head of Content strategy

Stefano Quadraro

Head of Client Services

Jolanda Restano

Business Development Director and Founding Partner

Cristina Simone

Social media marketing & influencer marketing consultant

Diletta Toniolo

Independent Design Professional and Journalist

Samanta Giuliani

Gianandrea Facchini

CEO @Buzztech

Antonio Severino

Content and creativity marketing director

Stefano Panini

Strategy Lead

Michele Pagani

CEO - Flatmates

Federico Castelli

Creative Director / Creative Strategy Consultant / Freelance Copywriter

Giada Divisato

Creative Strategist

Michele Giacopuzzi

Product and Interior Designer

Alessandro Timpanaro

Matteo Roversi

Eleonora Galdieri

Serena Giovinazzo

Fabio Muzzi

Nicola Landucci

Michela Parziale

Digital Consultant and Creative Communication Manger

Course partner