Academic year


What can a city offer to tourists? How can designers anticipate their needs and create solutions that are meaningful and respectful with the environment and the local citizens?

Students from Design della Comunicazione and Interior Design in IED Milano devised a system for rethinking the abandoned roofs of Milan keeping in mind 3 dimensions: physical, nutritional and spiritual. Students created different spatial rooftop solutions for buildings located in the neighborhoods of Manzoni, Citylife and Tortona, designing not only the new space but also the communication of the project to the Milanese.

The physical dimension was associated with Manzoni neighborhood - a young and international area; the nutritional one with Citylife, a residential, commercial and business district; and finally, the spiritual one with Tortona, a must area for exploring art and design. The priority was to make green areas accessible to all and to exploit abandoned places, giving them a new life to bring inhabitants and tourists together through inclusive activities.

The city of Milan was analyzed both for its strengths and weaknesses, without neglecting what it has in common with other parts of the world, to be replicable in different cities. 

IED Milano students involved were Bjarki Snar Smárason, Birta Rún Armannsdóttir, Cristina Chion, Laura Kupka, Valentina Pogliani, Erica Giannoccaro.