"Hunter" is a short film in 3D animation that talks about the magic of imagination, and nothing seemed more perfect than a little girl who reads, both because reading is magical in itself, and because the imagination of children can add magic to everything.

"It was a wonderful project to work on and the love in this regard has not abandoned us even a second, there have certainly been challenges, fears and difficulties. The project itself was an immense challenge, a very long labyrinth where at every corner we had to face an adventure: a bit like our protagonists."
The project, realized as thesis by Ilaria Camporesi, Beatrice Da Molin, Ruben Stomeo, Mario Lamperti of the CG Animation course and Riccardo De Cillis of the Sound Design course, was created using Unreal Engine.

"Hunter was born from the desire to experiment, it was born from a small group of students who wanted to test themselves, who wanted to deepen a game engine using it in a different way, in a transitional period in the world of CG, before Unreal 5.0.
The choice of Unreal Engine was not accidental: mainly it was born from a great curiosity for real-time technologies and from a great interest about the working methodology inherent in these software. The magic of being able to see already in viewport a visual output rendered, the ability to modify in real-time lights, textures, materials, vfx and have an immediate feedback of these changes; the ability to render in a very short time and then make changes directly in the engine at any time."