Academic year


The objective of this project is to maximize the involvement of the individual in the creative and productive process of society, so that their impacts -initially individual- affect the transformation of an entire network of communities.

Starting from this base, hydro_mod was born: a modular and Open Source system for hydroponic cultivation. Hydro_mod facilitates the creation of urban nodes for growing food, thus reducing the distance that food must be transported and redistributing wealth within the community.

The constructive system of the design -composed only of two designed elements- allows an infinity of configurations. By means of these pieces and the use of standardized long elements (eg aluminum tube with a diameter of 20mm) all the angles can be formed with respect to any axis. All fixings are made with 3mm diameter metric screws and nuts, so it is completely removable and does not require any adhesive. The construction system is completed with the living system, using the grow_mod designed element and standardized/commercially available components (10mm internal diameter silicone hose, drums, and water pumps). The system thus created is flexible and independent of structure, analogous to the blood system, which requires a skeleton to give it shape.