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Social media, now an integral part of young people's daily lives, can become a trap. Teenagers, increasingly drawn to the seemingly perfect lives of influencers, end up spending hours scrolling through feeds and watching stories, missing out on important moments in their own reality.

In an era where the smartphone is an extension of the hand, it's crucial to reflect on how we use it. An emerging idea to raise awareness among young people involves using a tool well known to anyone who uses a phone: the photo cropping tool. Imagine a scene: a teenager glued to her smartphone, literally "cutting herself off" from potentially beautiful and fun moments in her everyday life.

This phenomenon not only limits genuine experiences with friends but also contributes to a growing sense of isolation and dissatisfaction. Watching others live, filtering every moment through the virtual lens of social media, makes one lose sight of the beauty of their own life.

The campaign "I SOCIAL TI TAGLIANO FUORI" aims to invite people to turn off social media to discover the real world. It is a call for awareness, an encouragement to take your eyes off the screen and look around. Only then can the value of face-to-face interactions, spontaneous laughter, and authentic moments be rediscovered.

Turning off the phone doesn't mean giving up everything but rather reclaiming your time and experiences. The true beauty of life lies in unfiltered, unedited, and uncut moments.