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November 2024


Full time


On campus


1 Year

Course Coordination

Jack Blanga

Learn how to look beyond, telling memorable stories that can surpass imagination with the Master's Course in Creative Direction at IED Milano

Bring your contribution to developing creative thinking in a world that is experiencing extraordinary changes, with new opportunities and challenges affecting our own lives and changing consumer behaviours as never before.

With your Master's Degree in Creative Direction, you will learn how to master all the processes and methods for creating global communication campaigns, from concept development to project execution. You will also try your hand at learning copywriting, art direction, computer graphics, technology, sound and direction, editing and UX. On top of that: social and video strategy, mobile, real time marketing, leadership, presentation techniques.

You will have the opportunity to share ideas with all the professionals who come together in the world of work, getting some real insight into the role of Creative Director, i.e. the advertising creative of the future. 

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This Master's degree helps brands evolve and leave a positive impact on society

The Master's Degree in Creative Direction at IED Milano provides lectures, practical training, case histories, projects and workshops designed and taught by some of the best communication players working with Italian and international agencies, companies, start-ups and social media platforms.


You will also gain an understanding of how important and powerful ideas can be, as you also learn how to develop multicultural thinking. You will understand the importance of lateral thinking and crafting, brainstorming sessions, teamwork and presentation skills. 

This Master's Degree gives you the opportunity to move into the world of communication as a Copywriter, Art Director, Content and Video Editor, Creative Specialist, Digital Art Director, UI Designer, with the prospect of achieving the role of Creative Director.

Advertising agencies, creative boutiques, and also digital and social agencies, integrated communication and content agencies, social media platforms, publishing and corporate creative departments are the target career placement areas.

The Master's Degree in Creative Direction at IED Milano is designed for those like you who want to write the future of advertising, putting themselves on the line, and facing new challenges with no fear of making mistakes as long as the reward is becoming the creative designer of tomorrow.

This Master's Degree is the perfect specialization track for students with an undergraduate degree in creative and project-based disciplines such as Graphics, Design, and Architecture, as well as for those with a degree in the humanities areas such as Arts, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Communication Sciences.

It is also open to professionals who have gained professional experience in the specific areas covered by the course. Knowledge of the Adobe package is recommended.

The Master's Degree in Creative Direction at IED Milano is based on a strong connection with the professional world and provides a complete understanding of all the processes and methods for creating globally relevant communication campaigns, with a focus on all phases of development, design and implementation of advertising communication.

With support from your lecturers, you will participate in Italian and international Contests such as ADCI Awards, Clio, D&AD, Future Lions, Spot School Award. And as was the case for students from past years, you will be able to enjoy the experience of winning one of these prestigious awards. This type of recognition will contribute greatly to increasing your professional awareness in the world of communications.

Workshops on design thinking, meetings, talks, lectures and visits will help you engage across a variety of fields connected with creativity, innovation, professional training and the world of work.

You will take part in sessions with experts in coaching, counselling and personal branding, with a focus on new scenarios, trends and the skills required by the market. All this will provide you with the tools you need to build up your creative portfolio and improve your professional profile, both on-line and off-line.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 


You will focus on project design activities, presentation techniques, team building & leadership. You will acquire full command of the tools that will make you a creative professional. You will also keep challenging yourself, with projects of increasing complexity and sophistication.


International Thought
Human Insights
New Forms of Writing 
Computer Graphics and Crafting


Brand strategy 2.0
Real-time advertising
Workshop 1: Designing a mobile app
Workshop 2: "I want to be a Creative Director"
Workshop 3: Video Making & Editing
Final Project


Presentation techniques
Team building & leadership
Sound that tells 
Design Thinking Workshop
Design Week
Creative Thinking
Job Tools
Open Lessons, Conferences and Visiting


Jack Blanga

Communication and Marketing Advisor    

Course Coordinator

Dagmara Siemieniec

Design Innovation Consultant

Rossana Tocchi

Creative Director

Paolo Re

Author, Musician, Composer, Producer    

Andrea Rech

Co-founder, Graphic Designer and Creative Director

Gianluca Cappiello

Head of Business & Operations

Pasquale Frezza

Executive Creative Director

Nikolina Popovic

Creative Director

Arnaldo Funaro

Creative Director

Giulia Magaldi

Group Creative Director

Lais Kantor Caserta

Martin Romeo

Visual Artist

Luca Iannucci

Executive Creative Director

Michelangelo Cianciosi

Executive Creative Director and Founder

Danilo Convertini

Graphic Designer e Art Director, Ceo e Founder - Arcade Lab

Stefano Guidi

Diletta Toniolo

Independent Design Professional and Journalist

Marco Panareo

Chief Creative Officer EY Yello

Guglielmo Pezzino

Head of Strategy at Armando Testa

Course partner