Academic year


Students of the Master Course in Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product had the opportunity to work with the company Firing S.r.l.

The project Outside The Box have been developed in collaboration with Firing S.r.l., a company specialized in fire-fighting systems, that gave a stimulating brief to the students of the Master Course in Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product during a visit to its headquarters.  

The brief was the following: to support Firing team in exploring and envisioning distinctive firefighting-related product or service scenarios, and in identifying and conceptualizing actionable systemic solutions able to engage users, have a versatile usability and an aesthetic balance, to extend and evolve the product offering for EU market penetration.

The project has four main values: quality, elegance, trustworthiness and education, which were then translated into the final shape, details, color, material and finishing of the product. And it was a hit! Soon we will see the project realized and at the service of individuals and companies.

Project by: Khashayar Saberi Tehrani, Lukas Misiūnas and Fabian Kulterer