Academic year



The students of the Master in Fashion Communication and Styling had the opportunity to participate in the Still Life contest launched by the fashion magazine L'Officiel Italia.

The project concerned the creation of a storytelling with four Still Life shoots, taking inspiration from four different trends, by the use of fashion accessories, with an eye on the magazine’s aesthetics.

Fashion is Served is a Still Life that plays with the overlay and fusion between culinary world and the world of fashion, by merging trends of the FW23, in terms of colors and accessories. The editorial narrates a story about love, pleasure and care, between a group of friends during a fancy, convivial and intimate dinner. Each picture is a moment of the event and a trend at the same time, where the fashion item became the protagonist of the tale.

The project celebrates fashion that is love, fantasy, enjoyment and pleasure, precisely just like food. Buon appetito!


Students: Lisa Bolzinger, Lorenza Di Febo, Anna Feliu e Aurelia Maltese from the Master in Fashion Communication and Styling.