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The "Fortune of Education" project was born with the aim of raising awareness about educational poverty in Italy and encouraging concrete actions to support those who suffer from it, making them protagonists of their own future.

Economic poverty represents a serious obstacle to children's education, preventing them from accessing adequate educational resources and a favorable study environment. This lack of opportunities creates a cycle of poverty that is difficult to break, negatively impacting the future of children born into economically disadvantaged families.

To highlight this issue, the project uses a metaphorical representation that shows how the fate of children is often decided by the luck of their birth. The central idea is to use the concept of games of chance, such as the lottery or Snakes and Ladders, to symbolize the inequity of educational opportunities among children from different social backgrounds. Through the ironic cheerfulness of these games, we intend to show how cruel fate can be for children born into poor families.

The awareness campaign will be structured around several key moments. Videos, commercials, and informational materials will be produced using the imagery of games of chance to illustrate the difficulties poor children face in accessing education. Additionally, we will organize public events and interactive workshops where participants can experience firsthand the daily challenges these children must overcome.

The ultimate goal is to raise awareness among the public and institutions, urging them to recognize the importance of investing in education as a means to break the cycle of poverty. We also aim to provide tools and resources to those suffering from educational poverty, helping them become protagonists of their own future. Only through greater awareness and concrete action can we hope to create an Italy where every child, regardless of their social background, has the opportunity to realize their potential.