Academic year


Since 2014, Aureo wheat has been a foundational asset of the Voiello brand, a unique feature that sets it apart. However, until now, the initiatives put in place have not been able to clearly establish this distinctive trait in the minds of shoppers.

The MONO project celebrates the use of a single material, just as Voiello uses a single type of wheat in the production of its pasta. The project centers around Grano Aureo, which is used to make Voiello pasta, giving it a unique and inimitable quality.

The project includes an art exhibition in one of the cities between Naples, Rome, and Milan, a TV format, and an exhibition in stores featuring reproductions of MONO's works. Voiello will also have a stand at the design week, where a limited edition MONO special box will be launched.

The project could continue over time with a workshop in Italian academies and a competition for students. Voiello could also commit to protecting and preserving the heritage of Italian artworks.

The project includes an editorial plan to promote MONO and Grano Aureo online.