Academic year


The project embraces the theme of mental health through an emotional and empathetic approach, narrating through visual language what goes on in the mind of a teenager.

A first book introduces the topic and analyzes mental health data in Italy from 2019 to 2022, with a focus on the effects the pandemic has had on the daily lives of adolescents. An important section of this first book revolves around artistic workshops that engaged students at the Don Mario Picchi Solidarity Center and the Via Appia Nuova House. This first volume is entirely in black and white. A second book maintains the same grid structure as the first but adopts a more colorful style. It includes 25 works of art, including graphics, photographs, and illustrations, along with 15 drawings created in collaboration with two artists. Five colors were selected, each associated with specific emotions, and gradients were subsequently created, each linked to a specific disorder. The volume is further enriched by graphic pop-ups and interesting facts about the topic.