Academic year


The project comes from the research of a merchandising product for the Italian Singer Elasi, following her aesthetics and creative vision  

The project is the result of a deep search for a merchandising product recalling the aesthetics and creative nature of the Italian singer Elasi. By choosing Cicale song, Lucilla studied hybridization and insects, transforming the two into an unusual but futuristic product called Chirpchips, (i.e. a salty snack) with colorful, light, and manageable packaging. 

The product is apparently similar to classic crisps: made from cricket flour, it is an unusual protein-packed and healthy food. In addition to the fun and entirely ecological packaging, the design also approaches the entomological universe through its shape reminiscent of the back of a cricket that can be placed on the fingers. In the end, it is the main idea to propose to the customers and live a funny metamorphosis.