Academic year


Define an omni-channel proposal for the digital transformation of Airports of Rome, as well as for the use of the Innovation HUB by startups accelerated in the ADR program "Runway to the Future" with particular focus on innovative technologies that combine the physical experience with the digital one (e.g. metaverse, augmented reality etc.) to promote/position Airports of Rome as context of exchange of ideas and planning with the aim of redefining the air travel experience

The first step of the project was to analyze the scenario in order to meet the objectives of the brief. Emphasis was placed on the problems that people encounter when they have to choose from too many alternatives, with particular attention given to the phenomenon of the "paradox of choice." Market research was then conducted to discover the most important aspects for consumers in their purchasing experiences, both online and offline. The focus was on Customer Obsession and an analysis was made of how giants like Amazon and Netflix manage to offer unique and personalized shopping experiences to their customers. Finally, a benchmark was conducted to analyze the competition and understand how they interact with consumers at each stage of the funnel.

After completing the analysis, it emerged that people want to make the best choice in the simplest way possible. Therefore, every brand should put the consumer at the center, to help them choose between different options in an easy way, accompanying them at every stage of the journey. The concept of the campaign, based on the insight that emerged, is "Make it Easy", with the goal of simplifying the life of our audience, from their daily routine to their interaction with the brand and product.