Start date

November 2023


Full time




1 Year

Course coordinator

Giorgio Brugo


17.100 €

Use your design skills to deliver user-friendly, immersive experiences for the people, and also to create value for businesses and memorable experiences across digital media. This is what the Master's Course in User Experience Design at IED Milano is all about

Learn how to design experiences and interfaces that make interaction on digital media easy, intuitive and enjoyable, with a strong focus on human needs.

The Master's Course in User Experience Design will help you understand how crucial user experience is for a brand and for a business today. You will also find out how to take user experience to the next level, building up your professional future day by day.

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Helping companies design powerful experiences

The Master's Course in User Experience Design involves blended learning - both on-line and presential - with training being delivered on a coordinated and synergic basis.

A number of companies, professionals and public faces are involved in this Master's Course, bringing inspiration and helping students use their skills and knowledge on real-life projects.

As part of this training you will also learn about the whole process of user-centred design. This will cover everything from research, analysis, observation, and data collection, all the way to using the main software applications and specialist tools needed to manage a UX project.

Indeed, this Master's Course seeks to train up Experience Designers, i.e. professionals who can create the best user experience while interacting with digital or physical products. These professionals are all much in demand today, as businesses continue to invest a great deal in their skills and valuable work.

The Master's Course in User Experience Design at IED Milano is for those like you who want to understand what lies beyond the interaction with a product. This training is specifically designed for those who feel a strong need to explore how different perspectives come together to create a user experience, going across technology, knowledge, relationships, aesthetics and emotions.

You can feel confident taking this Master's Course to complete your education, no matter what your background is, whether your undergraduate studies were in design, visual arts, and architecture, or in business, humanities, communications and psychology. 

You will soon realize that this programme provides a contemporary, inspiring and fresh specialization track, where theory, strategic thinking and practical work are blended together to help you successfully move into the professional design experience environment.

The Master's Course in User Experience Design is the first IED blended native programme. The theory part of the course is delivered on-line, but still without losing the opportunity for discussion, for sharing and networking between students and teachers. 

Classroom lessons, which will be held jointly and in synergy on both schools, will include a number of activities that will enrich your learning experience as you work on project development and implementation tasks. 

This is a new, proactive and inclusive training programme developed right in the midst of the pandemic, in an effort to break down geographical barriers and experiment with new approaches to work.

This is a Master's Course where you have the opportunity to work on real-life project design tasks. From day one, you will be challenged to think and create like a professional designer, learning how to apply specialist tools to the real world. 

You will experience co-creative and collaborative learning methods. You will also practice teamwork and put yourself to the test working with our partner companies as they bring real-world projects into the classroom. This will be a great opportunity for you to take on the challenge and work hands-on all along the practical phase of your programme.

This Master's Course provides a variety of career opportunities across creative, project-intensive, and also data-driven companies, all of them currently experiencing very strong growth rates. It also fulfils job requirements from agencies and consulting firms, companies specialising in user research, interface design, and user interaction design.


Study programme

The study plan delves into all the activities involved in acquiring a full vision of the experience development ecosystem. After a general overview of User Experience in all its dimensions and applications, this programme will provide analytical and technical insights into the main software packages and specialist tools required to manage a UX project. 

Special emphasis is given to design development as you work on projects with our partner companies.  The work approach is that of a project team.


Giorgio Brugo

Course Coordinator

Valentina Bellantone

Digital Design Manager

Federico Casiraghi

Design Director

Gian Amedeo Deplano

Manager EY - Digital & Emerging Technology

Lais Kantor Caserta

Senior Product Designer & Brand Manager

Matteo Montolli

Partner, Design Director at Moze

Francesco Rodighiero

Designer, Design for All, Co-founder Hackability and Opendot. President of Design for All Italia

Pierfilippo Ariano

Art Director and UI/UX Designer @Be.Family

Cecilia Scolaro

Responsible Design Advocate and Consultant

Raffaella Calligher

Lorena Delvino

Marketing Analysis Solutions Manager

Silvia Maffezzoni

Senior Digital Designer

Rogi Stenta

Senior UX, UI & Service Designer

Celeste Caiello

Visual Designer

Camilla Maccaferri

Ux Writer

Ferrante Schinardi

Service Designer & Innovation