Academic year


25 students embraced the challenge, interpreting the brief developed with Atac and IED, given to them by 13 students from the Master in Arts Management program at IED Rome and IED Florence who curated the project, envisioning a green, sustainable future for the city.

Lush nature blends with iconic monuments from Rome's cultural heritage. IED, partner in the Terra Nuova project, welcomed students from Giulio Carlo Argan, Caravaggio, and Ripetta High Schools in a workshop lED by Matteo Modena, Coordinator of the Three Years Diploma in Graphic Design in English at IED Roma, who also oversaw the Art Direction for Terra Nuova.

Through 6 meetings, students worked on constructing an urban landscape that transforms into a dynamic canvas, where culture and the environment merge in a revolutionary perspective.

The project occupies the interiors of an entire subway train on Line A, made available by Atac, Rome's mobility agency and partner of the Terra Nuova project, inaugurated on December 14, 2023.

To delve into the complete project, visit the Terra Nuova page.