What is Terra Nuova? 

Let's imagine a utopian world, a 'Rome of the Future,' characterized by a diverse and dynamic community living in harmony within a sustainable and green city.

A reality where its inhabitants have control over their own future, technologies are sustainable, and Rome's timeless monuments blend with lush and enveloping nature;

An urban space where new materials are used with a renewed focus on preserving the unique personality of the city.

The goal is to create an immersive experience that allows the Roman community to reconnect with nature.

Listen to the episodes of our podcast to discover various definitions and interpretations of sustainability.

Each episode focuses on the in-depth exploration of a specific sub-topic of sustainability, ranging from sustainable tourism to eco-friendly gift ideas, from the world of fashion to the realm of art.

We present a series of interviews with artists, entrepreneurs, and creators who provide valuable insights to make small but significant sustainable changes in your life.

The podcast


The first episode of the podcast aims to shed light on the innovative ways in which artists have integrated sustainability with contemporary art. Our goal is to provide listeners with new insights into the use of sustainable materials in the artistic field. 

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Interview with Selene Pacelli from Lùleka Experience, an unconventional travel agency that promotes slow tourism as a sustainable alternative to mass tourism.

A useful guide to travel, discover, and learn about new and exciting realities, encouraging respect for the environment and local communities.

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Interview with Brando Corradini, Roman artist and graphic designer specializing in typography and 3D rendering.

Developer of the artistic design for the train wrap-up of the Terra Nuova project.

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Interview with Chiara Mastromonaco from Groovin Store, a concept store where fashion, art, and music blend together, featuring a selection of ecological and underground alternatives.

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Interview with Mauro Sgarbi, artist and street artist, known for his visionary and surrealistic style, to discover more about the stories and inspirations behind the numerous murals that adorn the streets of the capital, gaining a deeper understanding of their cultural and social significance.

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Interview with Francesco Dobrovich, Coordinator of the Master in Arts Management, to learn more about the partners involved in the production phase of the project.

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Interview with Filippo Gargani from Mangrovia Shop to discover this innovative and ethical reality, and learn how to integrate sustainable, environmentally, and socially friendly products into our everyday lives.

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The Master's program students

We are a group of young women, with extremely diverse backgrounds and origins, united by our shared life experience through the Master's program in Arts Management 2023. 

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Explore Rome through the eyes of young students from three prestigious Art High Schools in Rome: Giulio Carlo Argan, Caravaggio and Ripetta

Based on the brief provided by the 13 students of the IED Master's program in Arts Management, 25 high school students embraced the challenge of shaping the city of Rome in a green and sustainable way.
The sketches made by the students bring the interiors of the metro train to life. With the power of art, creativity and innovation, the students used this project to visualize Rome’s sustainable future and the importance of environmental responsibility.

About the project Terra Nuova

"I gladly participated in this project of revitalizing our eternal city: Rome. An entire metro train of Line A, adorned with floral images, an environment that enhances the lives of citizens, becoming a mobile art gallery. Thus, a new identity is born for the city: sustainable, shared, connected".

Brando Corradini

Artist and Graphic Design

"Coordinating a team of very young creatives has been exciting from many perspectives. A journey rich in exchange and connections, exploring a complex theme on which high school students have expressed themselves with great sensitivity and interpretative ability. The result is a kaleidoscopic array of illustrations on the relationship between the city and nature, aiming to stimulate positive change and raise awareness about sustainability".

Matteo Modena

Coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Graphic Design ENG / Teacher of the Terra Nuova PCTO Project

"Terra Nuova is the final project of the students from the international Master's program in Arts Management, involving semesters in Florence and Rome. It represents the culmination of an educational process centered around a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms useful for the conscious management of cultural projects. The new managers thus engage with complexities, putting into practice what they have learned from the various professors in the classroom over the past 12 months."

Francesco Dobrovich

Coordinator of the Master's program in Arts Management / Founder of Art Stop

The project partners

Atac, the agency for mobility managing public transport in Rome, supports the Terra Nuova project by offering an entire train from the A metro line for an artistic endeavor. The goal is to raise awareness within the community towards a renewed relationship with the environment, promoting a greener, civic, and ecological perspective.

Visit the website: atac.roma.it

Terra Nuova is part of the ART STOP program, a project produced by Nufactory in partnership with Atac, promoted by Roma Capitale - Department of Culture, and winner of the two-year public notice 'Culture in Movement 2023 - 2024,' curated by the Department of Cultural Activities and implemented in collaboration with SIAE.

Visit the website: artstop.it



We have highlighted some murals that tell stories of sustainability in the city of Rome.
With this map, we encourage the Roman community to be more environmentally conscious by choosing to use the metro to immerse themselves and discover the public art within the city

  • Let's light up the Future
  • Giro d'Italia
  • Kiss between two women
  • Usawa 
  • Green Smart Wall
  • Hunting Polution 
  • Patrimonio Indigeno 
  • Palazzo Blu
  • Murale Rebbibia
  • Casal Dei Pazzi
  • IED - Moda e Comunicazione
  • IED Design
  • IED Arti Visive