Academic year


Preparing a design strategy that positions the service Soft Serve Consulting aims to accompany the customer through the customer journey of providing know-how regarding "Machine Configuration and Setting", "Food Style", "Mix and Recipe Development" and "Operations Management".

Soft serve ice cream is generally perceived as a low-quality product, associated with the idea of cheap and quick ice cream cones. However, in order to showcase the potential and versatility of soft serve ice cream and promote Carpigiani's Soft Serve Consulting service, it is necessary to improve the perception of Carpigiani's product and service among those who can integrate it into their business or use it as a key element to develop a successful idea.

Soft serve ice cream and Carpigiani's consulting service should be seen as premium and innovative elements that can enrich and adapt to various gastronomic contexts, both sweet and savory.

The concept of evolution often implies a revolution compared to the past. History teaches us that the most effective and lasting revolutions are those of ideas, which are implemented through education, beauty, and culture.

The Soft R-Evolution aims to create a gradual evolution, through cultural enrichment and education in beauty, as a concrete response to the need for quality and the need to enhance one's products and services. This concept of evolution concerns both the perception of soft serve ice cream, which must shift from a low-quality product to a versatile and valuable one, and the improvement of the content and image of the Soft Serve Consulting service, which adds value to the business of those who rely on Carpigiani's consultancy.