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November 2024


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On campus


1 Year

Course Coordination

Alessandro Busseni, Carlo Branzaglia

Learn how to translate ideas into projects as you work on visual forms that provide the best expression of your own style and contents. Here's what you can get from our Master's Program in Graphic Design at IED Milano

Becoming a Graphic Designer today is about learning a profession with clarity of mission and vision. Graphic design is just about everywhere, from signposts to social media. We all have something to do with it -just think about companies looking to sell their goods and services, or corporations and organisations who need to communicate concepts, identities and values more effectively.

The Master's Program in Graphic Design at IED Milano will give you the opportunity to develop your design skills as you become more familiar with the tools needed for delivering unique and creative visual communication projects.

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Shaping your future career as you learn about methods and tools

The Master's Program in Graphic Design at IED Milano integrates analytical, technical and design skills as a way to build and consolidate your approach to the job market. With this background, you will be able to successfully develop your skills across a variety of applications in the area of visual communication.

Over your Master's Program, you will have the opportunity to test yourself and work actively on projects with firms, associations, organisations or agencies. Starting from real-life briefs, you will experience hands-on how projects are actually managed within a professional context. You will also be able to experiment with your research methodology as you work on specific visual communication projects. 

The training approach has a strong practical focus and will help you build your own work portfolio, which you will use to successfully move into the world of work. In addition, over your training pathway you will also work on developing your dissertation project. You will complete your training with an internship/field project where you will be able to practice your methods and skills within a professional environment.

The Master's Program in Graphic Design at IED Milano seeks to train up future professionals who can set up and manage communication projects at all levels, covering everything from publishing, web, social, video, layouts, packaging and branding, all the way to optimising applications for tools and markets of an increasingly broader scope.


The Master's Program in Graphic Design at IED Milano is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in the areas of Graphic Design, Architecture, Design, Communication. It is also intended for professionals working in the industry who want to develop new skills that can be spent effectively on the job market. Candidates are required to submit their personal or professional portfolio as part of the selection process.

If you share a proactive approach that motivates your drive to improve and learn more, if you have no fear of asking what you did wrong to achieve a successful final version of your work, if you are motivated by a passion for ideas, research and a strong desire to deliver visual communication projects with maximum impact, this Master’s Course is definitely your best option. 

The Master's Program in Graphic Design at IED Milano provides you with solid methods and tools to deal with inputs from different contexts. You will learn how to bring everything into balance and create visual strategies that can be applied across different areas and formats. You will be introduced to a variety of technical and market-related languages and you will learn about new ways of doing things. This process will open up a whole variety of new opportunities as you exchange with experienced lecturers who have first-hand experience of current market trends and demands. 

The opportunity to exchange views and ideas with other people, whether they are professionals, lecturers or customers, is a key asset of this training programme, as it is in the work of a graphic designer as well. Indeed, building close interactions and relationships with others will make your learning process a great experience on a personal -and also professional- level.

You will learn how to develop the best concepts and ideas, organise your work and set up methods and tools to deliver a project as effectively as possible. At the same time, your cultural flexibility will help you give visual form to a world that is evolving and changing all the time.

You can choose what kind of designer you want to be and you can do this as a spontaneous process because there are no standards to adapt to. 

Over the last few years, students of the Master's Program in Graphic Design at IED Milano have been involved in a number of projects with leading companies on the market. One example: they worked for Mediaset on the reinterpretation of cheeky animated puppet UAN as well as on rebranding the TV programme ‘Le Iene’. They also developed projects on the concept of sustainable beauty for Davines, while for ATS Milano they created a range of participatory design solutions to promote health and physical activity in the Gorla suburb of Milan.

With more than 15 years under its belt, the Master's Program in Graphic Design at IED Milano has trained up professionals who currently work as visual communication project designers across a variety of areas and applications. Upon completion of your training, you will be able to work with graphic, product and interior design studios. You will also have the opportunity to be employed within companies, public bodies or service organisations, advertising and communication agencies, and also work as a freelancer.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 


You will be on a 10-month programme -with 7 months of classroom training and 3 months of internships or field projects- organised into 3 key different areas with preliminary activities and a step-by-step approach. 

As a first step, you will approach methodology subjects to build up your groundwork for research, concept development, market positioning, mission and vision of a visual communication project. 

Then, you will further develop your technical and practical skills as you learn about the main imaging software packages. Applications of these tools will include photography, page layout, video and web, and most importantly, the printing process.

Finally, you will gain specialist project design skills that will allow you to apply your graphic design methods to some key market areas, including those that are in the process of continuous evolution, such as user interface, video, social, infographics and packaging.


Project Culture
Design Methodology
Design Management
Design Thinking
Editing & Copy
Public Speaking


Photographic Image Management Software
Illustrated Image Management Software
Graphic Design Software
Production and Printing Techniques
Moving Image Management Software
Design Tools and Techniques


Social Networking
Web Design
Workshop Branding
Type Design
Motion Branding
Design management


Alessandro Busseni

Course Coordinator

Carlo Branzaglia

Course Coordinator

Mirko Pajè

Creative Director, Image Coordination

Pietro Buffa

Design Director, Founder

Carlo Amico

Graphic Designer - IED

Carla Cesar Sergio

Design Manager and co-founder

Niccolò De Mojana

Partner at the Setonix Agency

Vittorio Linfante

Art Director

Cinzia Piloni

Creative, Copywriter, Story Teller, Strategic Planner, Researcher, Poetess

Matteo Montolli

Partner & Design Director at Moze

Corrado Musmeci

President - Fontegrafica

Diletta Toniolo

Independent Design Professional and Journalist

Raffaele Solaini

Philosopher and semiotic expert

Danilo Convertini

Graphic Designer e Art Director, Ceo e Founder - Arcade Lab

Manfredi Pedone

Founder Plan Be srl

Stefano Temporin

Matteo Antonelli

CEO e Founder - Cowellness

Giuliano Tedesco

Brand strategy consultant, copywriter, namer

Silvia Barbieri

Brand Strategist, Founder of The Branding Letters

Course partner