Academic year


The concept revolves around addressing social issues by drawing parallels to typography. The project consists of special addition accessories that relate to particular causes- Body positivity / Inclusivity & diversity / Gender equality & fluidity

The project is called Type For Change, conceptualised an initiative by Zetafonts, a type foundry based in Florence. The aim was to promote typefaces in ways that enable more designers to invest in fonts by making typography relatable. The concept involves highlighting certain social issues faced by the society at large. The motive is not only to promote Zetafonts in a way that designers are proud to be associated with the foundry, but also to use the medium of design and typography to support and create awareness about the highlighted issues.

As soon as I progressed further in my research I started to understand the problems faced type-foundries like Font piracy, clients not wanting to invest in typefaces or understanding how typefaces are essential to communication and imparting ideas, I started to play around with a little more unusual concepts, like what if we relate typefaces to fashion? Can I change the mind sets of the design cummunity with that? But for me, these concepts barely just scratched the surface of what design is actually capable of.

As I continued to research and ideate, it forced me to try and think of how I can get a cultural or social context to the project, something that can have a deeper and more meanigful impact in the society. After a lot of discussions with faculty members, I finally narrowed down on the concept to promote social change, that focused on 3 key areas of Body positivity / Inclusivity & diversity / Gender equality & fluidity. I named this initiative: Type for Change.

The concept revolves around addressing social issues by drawing parallels to typography, and creating special edition merch using Zetafonts’ typefaces. By purchasing the merchandise, designers not only get access to a few weights of the Zetafonts typeface used in the design, but also get to contribute and spread awareness about the issues faced in our society.

Design has to power to change mindsets and be a catalyst of positive change in the society.
I wanted to use this thought to come up with a concept that could go beyond the mind-set of common consumerism, and instead achieve the target goal in a meaningful and positive manner.
The final outcome was a line of merchandise that not only marketed Zetafonts, but also successfully conveyed a deeper social message. In addition, I also needed to conceptualise the identity of the ‘Type for Change’ campaign, which is a variable logo unit that not only highlighted the idea of variable fonts, but also refers to the concept of ‘change’ in the society itself. Eventually, I was also required to think of the packaging and how the merchandise will be sold / marketed, which lead me to design the online e-com platform, and also interactive promotional ideas to get the word out, in order for the initiative to have a thought out strategy that included all aspects.