Academic year


As part of the Valentino Vintage project, Fashion design and fashion styling students collaborated creating a new creative vision of five Valentino gowns donated by the Maison with paper

Fashion design students were given one specific task: to reproduce a garment inspired on the gowns donated by Valentino but they weren’t allowed to use textiles. Mostly, paper.

Thanks to the tutor Gaia Ceglie, the second-year student from Fashion Design started developing their creative ideas inspired by the Maison DNA: the butterfly motives, incredible embroideries, the classic Valentino color palette or macramé lace craftmanship. They designed avant-garde looks, fashion accessories or conceptual designs with new volumes and techniques without losing the brand’s identity.

In a second phase of the project, the Fashion styling students got the chance to create a shooting with their fellow classmates as models at the IED Milano studio. For each garment, the created a specific vision regarding the hair, make-up and acting. But, to give a bit more of cohesion to the shooting, they decided to use the same background and lighting design.

We wanted to pay an homage to the maison but we didn’t want to make a copy. We dig into some of the codes of the brand: the iconic Valentino red color, the materials or a shape”, explains Olivia Spinelli, IED Milano Fashion School Director. 

Also, the fashion styling students participated on the set up of the garments in the event created on June 8th to present the Valentino Vintage Project

Pictures by Elisa Bontempo.