Academic year


Mixing the classic ideas of fashion with the vision of the Gen Z is the concept behing the shooting created by IED Milano Fashion Design students.

A group of students from the second year in Fashion Styling at IED Milano created a fashion editorial for the project Valentino Vintage. On this occasion, they studied, analyzed and reinvented five gowns donated by Valentino like a white canvas and imagined a conceptual world for each garment.

Divided into groups, they ideated a storytelling for each look donated by Maison Valentino with important attention to the brand’s identity. The result are two different shootings, -but still very cohesive to the same visual concept-: one editorial with models and the other one still life.

For the first one, they wanted to showcase the individuality of each garment and reflect new perspectives and shapes on the human body as well as today’s diversity. To do so, they took under consideration a diverse casting representing the generation Z composed of IED fashion students, the make-up and hair that better suit each look and the intention of each pose.

On the other hand, for the still life shooting, students experimented with different interactions with the gowns, using trompe-l’oeil technique to create volume on the garment and creating a romantic composition by using elements that create tension and contrast with the designs.

At first the students were scared and excited to handle garments of such an important brand, which until then they had had the opportunity to study not to work with. The attitude and approach on set changed as time passed by, fear transformed into confidence, awareness, and experimentation. The gowns became their greatest means of expressing themselves”, explains Mirko de Propris, Fashion Styling course teacher at IED Milano.  

Through this project, the students experienced two fundamental elements for their future in the world of work: coordinating and cooperating within a team and, knowing how to respect the guidelines of a possible customer, such as the Valentino brand identity. They will have now beautiful shots available in their portfolio, but the experience of skills acquired for real work outside the school”, concludes.



Students: Giuliana Fazio, Maria Pistillo, Giorgia Grasso, Ornella Maglione, Chiara Nencioni (editorial); Alessia Stampatori, Vincenzo Trionfo and Gabriele Leggio (still life).

Teacher: Mirko De Propris.

Tutors: Mirko De Propris and Elisa Bontempo.

Models: Mattia Quaglia, Shan Shan Jin, Gabriele Orlando, Mascia Palmieri and Francesca Fabiano.

Photograph: Elisa Bontempo.

Assistants: Anna Cesario and Christian Caggia (1st year fashion styling students).

Make-up artists: Veronica Ugolini and Irene Lo Re

Special thanks to Coppola e Toppo per i gioielli and BCM academy per la collaborazione beauty.