Academic year



Developing an integrated and consistent communication strategy that takes into account the young target audience (aged 18-24).

The project's objective is to promote Prime Video and make it the preferred streaming service among young people aged 18 to 24.

To achieve this goal, Gen Zers were studied, the most relevant trends were identified, and best practices targeting Gen Z worldwide were analyzed. Based on this, the main needs of the target audience were identified, including the need to express themselves, to self-determine, to communicate and share with others. All this was materialized in the concept of X-Ray Yourself, the point of connection between the audience's emotions and the platform's distinctive function, namely X-Ray.

Promotional activities are developed on three levels, but always based on the 6 primary emotions. The first phase consists of interactive totems, digital billboards, and a commercial to generate curiosity, surprise, and awareness. The second phase is designed to generate engagement: through a social media challenge, the user is invited to explore and express the emotions they feel while watching streaming content. A new filtering and customization system for content will also be proposed, starting from the emotion that users intend to look for. The final phase consists of a contest in which participants will have to communicate their interpretation of one or more emotions through the creation of a short film.

The winners will be invited and awarded at the Prime Night, an event dedicated to celebrating young talents and artistic self-expression.