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November 2023


Full time


On campus


1 Year

Course Coordination

Filippo Selden


17.100 €

Learn about market trends and how communication plans look to the future by anticipating the needs of companies with the Master's Course in Brand Communication in Milan

During recent years, the market has evolved at a speed rate never before seen. Changes in consumer’s behaviours, digital innovation and the rise of new media have completely transformed the communication landscape. 

That’s why the Brand Communication Master Course aims to form you as a whole professionist, able to create and manage design and development processes, while also managing the branding communication plans in an ever changing landscape.
As a new professional figure, this Master will require you great flexibility, adaptability, resilience and curiosity. Through an “hands-on” methodology you will be facing real and challenging briefs, while mastering concepts regarding Marketing, Communication and Design with a multidisciplinary approach.

You will discover how to look at the present, how to anticipate trends and how to approach major companies, who understood the importance of branding communication.

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Learn to create and manage branding communications with a multidisciplinary approach

The Brand and Communication Master's Course combines frontal lectures with exercises, case histories, workshops and creative, innovative and professional activities.
The didactical path offers the chance to come in contact with the professional world: in addition to the partnerships with the companies on real briefs, you will get in touch with a faculty made of experts from brands and agencies internationally renowned. 
Students will be guided by a synergic and prepared team through an intensive, interactive and increasingly challenging study plan.

With a multidisciplinary approach, you will dive into the economical and cultural aspects of society, you will focus on strategic and managerial aspects of the brand, and will also further familiarity with all of the marketing and communication instruments.
Sharpen your skills to target the customers and its behaviour, to better define your work and plan.

The Brand Communication Master's Course is a path that articulates through the various parts of the process: starting from the growth and development of the strategy, to the targeted actions of a communication plan and the marketing strategies and trends analysis.

The final project, in collaboration with a real partner, symbolises the end of your didactic journey. The project commissioned by the company will be presented in front of an evaluation committee, to whom you will have to show the skills acquired during the course by using an appealing and original communication. 

The Brand Communication Master's Course invites applications from graduates in humanities, social sciences, business, economics or scientific disciplines, as well as graduates in creative fields from design schools. Work experience, preferably in marketing and communication, is highly recommended.

If you are a curious person, if you want to dive into an extremely concrete and practical world, and if you have the drive to challenge yourself by learning from classroom debate, this course is what you were looking for. 

Get in touch and share this experience with other students with whom you will team up to face a year full of challenging projects.


The Brand Communication Master Course comes with high value experiences that allow students to meet with industry experts, to consolidate their acquired knowledge and to achieve new skills, by defining their future day by day. 
This journey responds to the industry need of new professional figures who can communicate and manage the brand competitively.

Thanks to the non-stopping and intense contact with the partners, you will be able to work on briefs based on brand’s specific needs. These brands, during these years, came to IED to develop strategically relevant concepts for their company, to look for a different, fresh and most of all contemporary point of view.

Leading professionals will accompany you along the way, discovering with you your skills and bringing up issues related to: innovation, personal skills, strategy and marketing to the classroom. The Master in Brand Communication has generated a strong community of professionals and ambassadors of the course,that you could also be part of. 
Put your skills into play and open your mind to new challenges to achieve broader goals and become a Communication expert.


Throughout your Master's Degree, we will analyse economic and cultural scenarios of contemporary life, focusing on key strategic aspects of branding, marketing and communication tools, as well as brand management.

With the skills acquired along the way, you will learn how to properly identify your target market and its patterns of behaviour. This is a crucial step when it comes to defining your product or service in terms of distribution strategy, target markets, marketing and communication strategies and activities.

We will study branding throughout the whole process: from building brand equity -i.e. setting brand values, brand positioning, and planning marketing activities accordingly- to taking specific actions for brand growth and development.
Finally, as the course ends we will approach the topic of self in a specific module marketing: this will provide an overview of the best tools for making a powerful self-presentation - video, paper or web - along with an introduction to public speaking techniques.


Digital Communication
Communication Strategy
Strategic Marketing
Brand Communication
Personal Branding



Design Thinking Workshop
Design Week
Open Lesson e Conferenze
Creative Thinking
Job Tools



The final project carried out in collaboration with a real-world partner represents the synthesis of the entire training course. Students demonstrate to a client that they can apply all the skills acquired during the course through the development of a team work, communicated in a concrete and impactful way in front of an evaluation committee.


Filippo Selden

Expert in Marketing, Public Speaking and Digital Branding

Course Coordinator

Gordon Cesareo

Brand Design Consultant and Creative Director

Nikolas Bass Kallmorgen

Event Manager, Trainer, Interior Design Photographer

Giancarlo Bonora

Direttore della ricerca Partner at People

Matteo Flora

Adjunct Professor of Corporate Reputation & Storytelling, Founder The Fool

Lorenzo Foffani

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer DUDE

Hoang Huynh

Head of Customer Experience and Service Design, Corporate advisor and Entrepreneur in Residence

Federica Landi

Business Development and International Coordination Director

Cinzia Malerba

Strategic Design Lead CBA Design

Diletta Toniolo

Independent Design Professional and Journalist

Francesco Ungaro

Owner of Ghost Presenter, Strategist Freelance, Docente di Branding, TEDxMilano Speaker Coach

Mattia Valenza

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant DELOITTE

Manfredi Pedone

Founder Plan Be srl

Alan Cassini

Responsible for the management, growth and performance of Alten Italia's Industry Division

Sergio Novello

President and AD Sonepar Italia Spa

Adriano Martella

Creative Director Filmmaster Events 

Lorenzo Brufani

Founder & CEO

Francesca Melli

Sr Brand Consultant - Founder of Brand Angel Consulting

Carla Vieites

Marketing Manager EMEA

Alessandra Carriero

Senior People & Culture Manager at Hello

Alberto Scotti

Head of New Ventures Autry

Valentino Coda Canati

Chief Commercial Officer

Giuliana Lunardelli

Senior Brand Strategy & Innovation Consultant

Course partner

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