Start date

March 2023






400 Hours

Course coordinator

Alexandre Salles

IED São Paulo’s Master Programme of Interior Design is a graduate course that combines the Brazilian creativity with the tradition of the Italian Design. Focused on the development of real projects, including partnerships with renowned Brazilian and multinational labels, and conducted by professors of reference in their fields, this specialization course provides students with several opportunities for professional improvement and development of their careers or businesses.

The course was elaborated in accordance with an interdisciplinary characteristic and the "knowledge & know-how" approach that has permeated all of IED's programs since its foundation in Milan, in 1966. The course covers the most diversified work possibilities in this market, from the creation of small spaces to the development and management of complex, large projects.

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The Interior Designer works with interdisciplinary fields of Art, Culture, Technique, and Design to propose creative and sustainable solutions, in order to raise the quality of the experience by end users. The programme is also intended to develop the creative and technical potential of professionals, as well as innovative competences and skills in the methodological and project fields, using state-of-the-art tools constantly tuned with cutting-edge solutions available in Brazil and in Europe.


Alexandre Salles

Course Coordinator

Andrea Dellamonica

Carol Piccin

Carina Tavares

Cintia Lie Matuzawa

Christian Ullmann

Daniele Nastari

Eduardo Manzano

Fabio Motta

Fabio Silveira

Fernanda Martins

Fernanda Frias

Graziela Nivoloni

Humberto Pio

Ila Rosete

João Villa

Lilian Machado

Lorena Borja

Maurício Medeiros

Nara Grossi

Rafael Toledo

Ricardo Rossin

Suzana Knobel

Valeria Barbosa