05 October 2022 - 05 October 2022


18:00 PM - 20:00 PM


Calle Marsella 39, Col. Juárez , Mexico City - Mexico

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Neuro architecture and emotional interior design apply emotional design to the creation of spaces

This coming October, IED will travel to México together with Natalia Zubizarreta, Interior Designer and teacher at the IED Kunsthal (Bilbao), who will give a series of workshops and conferences

In the week of October 3 rd to 7th, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in México, Design Week México, will be visited; as well as some of the most renowned and outstanding universities in the country that teach programs related to the creative industries sector.

The conference given by Natalia Zubizarreta will be about:

“Emotional Design”

In a space we find, in addition to a good design, a lot of emotions and psychology.

Neuro architecture and emotional interior design apply emotional design to the creation of spaces, to ensure that we live in holistic environments, where our feelings and emotions play a fundamental role: Neuro architecture consists of the application of neuroscience (the science that studies the nervous system and everything related to it) to architecture.

In other words, it is a discipline that studies the emotional and cognitive state of people to find out what effect the different variables of architectural design have on their lives. To measure the impact that a home or the environment has on people, this discipline uses very diverse tools, such as facial recognition, energy responses in the skin, or electroencephalograms, among others.

Emotional-sensory interior design cannot end only in the use of certain materials, the placement of some plants or cross ventilation. For example, one must think about what those spaces are like, how they are traversed and what visual and physical gift we find at each step.

In addition, all those participants who are interested in being part of IED will have the opportunity to learn about its academic offer at the schools in Spain and Italy.

They will also be able to ask questions related to study plans, costs, scholarships, admission requirements, discounts and promotions, etc. since they will have the opportunity to do so with our representatives who will accompany the participants in both formats.

We hope to count on your assistance:


Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Schedule: Virtual and face-to-face format: 18:00 (Mexican time)

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