Folio Review 2022 projects the creative force of emerging design talent


28 January 2022

What will the world of the future be like? What kind of vehicles will we use? Where will we live? How much will everyday objects change? 

Final-year Interior, Product and Transport Design students at IED Barcelona attempt to anticipate the responses to these scenarios in the projects they have developed throughout their educational journey. 

The 2022 edition of Folio Review, organised annually by the institution’s Design School, showcases a selection of these solutions on the themes of mobility, spaces and objects, conceived by these students about to graduate, who take the pulse of the future needs of society. 

Under the slogan Thinking Forward, this academic activity projects the concerns, visions and values of a new generation of design talent. The richness of their creative universes combined with their years of training at IED are embodied in innovative proposals that transverse a variety of themes and styles within each of the disciplines. 

Diseño de Interiores / Interior Design

From pure and simple forms to maximalism, the students’ personal projects deal with a variety of environments (homes, retail, hospitality…), yet all share the common denominator of an interest in the selection of materials, lighting, and an analysis of the evolution of the spaces in the face of the new needs of their users. 

Diseño de Producto / Product Design

The intersection between the rich crafts heritage, reviving lost traditions, and new digital manufacturing processes is one of the constants in the proposals presented. 

Innovative designs for household objects, jewellery, furniture and packaging, among others, define the guidelines for the new era of product design. 

Diseño de Transporte / Transportation Design

Hypercars, drones, boats for oceanographic research, vehicles for video games... The exhibit displays all kinds of mobility solutions, in which aspects such as the integration of technology at the service of the user, aerodynamics and sustainability stand out. 

Covering a wide range of audiences and environments, another of the collection’s highlights is the impetus towards developing or improving the experiences of drivers and users of transport services. 


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