Los programas en Diseño de Interiores del IED, entre los mejores de España según Financial Magazine


24 May 2023

As it is, IED becomes once again one of Spain's leading schools in the field of Interior Design

As every year, the benchmark portal for Economic News and Training Centres Financial Magazine has published several rankings by subject area with those training centres, institutions and portals of all educational levels and modalities that meet the criteria of quality and academic excellence.

Among them we can find the Ranking in Interior Design Programmes, in which IED Group is in sixth position with its Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree programmes in Interior Design. Here you can check the complete ranking.

As a result, IED Madrid, IED Barcelona and IED Bilbao are once again among the leading schools in Spain in the field of Interior Design.

Financial Magazine ranks by using two objective indicators to classify all participating institutions. On one hand, the information of the educational institution itself and, secondly, the metrics of the centre in the web environment on its academic reputation. Financial Magazine ranking analyses more than 400 universities, business schools and higher education institutions in Spain each year and publishes the top 10 in each field.

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