Lluman: Light and nature to bring Poblenou to life


20 January 2020

The project evokes the evolutive process of the natural world, focusing on the irregularity of the biophilic and organic patterns.

IED Barcelona Design School presents LLUMAN in the 2020 edition of Llum BCN, the festival of lights. LLUMAN is a light and sound installation that invites spectators to reflect on contemporary society’s disconnect with nature. Located in Calle Castella, in an open, disused space, this project brings together light and nature in the aim to transform urban environments into green spaces.

Under the slogan “Lighting Nature”, this project, created by the students of the Undergraduate Degrees in Interior Design and Product Design, evokes the evolutive process of the natural world, focusing on the irregularity of the biophilic and organic patterns that can be seen in the growth of a tree. The aim of LLUMAN is to reconnect humans with nature though a garden of light, a different kind of “green area” to those that the residents of Poblenou have already requested through various neighbourhood platforms.

This project successfully reconnects this highly industrialised neighbourhood with nature, and fosters a greener and more sustainable Barcelona. Further, following the message of social awareness in favour of sustainability, LLUMAN makes use of materials that can be reused in order to generate the least residual impact possible both during and after the festival.

The final result is a light installation composed by red LEDs suspended from iron arches of different sizes that go beyond the wall and reach the centre of the square, where they connect with the site’s only natural element. “We wanted the installation to go beyond the wall, which was a limitation, to create the illusion of something that has conquered a lifeless space”, explains Maria Borrell, one of the project’s designers. A sound effect produced by Maximo Scopinaro and which evokes nature invading the city has also been added to the visual experience.

The initiative, coordinated by Rafaella Perrone, Design School Managing Director, and the teacher and lighting designer Michela Mezzavilla, has served to raise students’ awareness about the relationship between humans and nature. “It is an invitation for their gaze to fall back onto the origen of things”, explains Perrone, “so that nature is seen and understood as a source of survival”. LLUMAN is a clear example of the possibilities of design to transform not only the city, but also society.

Location: Calle Castella, 13 – Poblenou.



Maria Borrell, Marina Camber, Anna de Faria, Yanai Favre, Ludovica Finollo, Engi Kandil, Tinatin Kodua, Aasheen Mittal y Jamila Mosharrafa.


Raffaella Perrone, Directora Operativa del Área de Design del IED Barcelona y Michela Mezzavilla.

Audio producer: Maximo Scopinaro

Production Consultant: Juanra Valladares

Coordination: David López

With the collaboration of: ESCENOTECNIC


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