13 July 2023

Eighteen creative proposals that transcend the clichés and stereotypes associated with art, genres, and eras, in an effort to clearly express the interests, emotions, and personal ambitions of today’s generations.

This is the common thread that united the projects brought to the catwalk at the European Institute of Design’s Fashion School in Rome on Wednesday 12 July, amid the picturesque setting of the campus gardens, which are overlooked by a magnificent Roman aqueduct. Like every year, the catwalk featured the very best works by recent graduates in Fashion Design and Jewellery Design from IED Rome, showcasing the results of their three-year study course.

An ensemble work, with a technical link to the concept of indie fashion, entitled “Me, Myself and I”, which begins with the analysis and recovery of vintage style, and elaborates on it through a personal reworking.

Amid various journalists, influencers, and representatives from major companies, over three hundred guests applauded the eleven capsule collections presented, accompanied by three accessory collections and four jewellery collections. The event spotlighted a generation that is developing new and increasingly inclusive social models, with a focus on certain areas of particular interest: the fight against femicide, the overcoming of gender identity, the celebration of the feminine, and body positivity.

The featured projects include: L'Amore Superbaby, a collection by designer Ban Zsofia Klara, which spotlights the issue of gender violence while celebrating the free expression of femininity; and L'autre moi, by student Luca Di Giacomantonio, winner of the Fur Category at the last edition of the CNA Federmoda National Competition for Young Fashion Designers, whose project explores the topic of gender identities, with the aim of overcoming them. Other projects focused on the body, including Vitruviana, by Maria Chiara Sorbino, which consists of a journey through the concepts of body transformation and perfection, and the Animata Materia collection designed by student Dorotea Oddo, which examines the concept of interiority and the perception to which the body is subjected by the outside world. 

Below is the complete list of the collections featured on the catwalk: Vitruviana, by Maria Chiara Sorbino; Dreamstate, by Azzurra Matterazzo; Eroticborder, by Giordana Manzi; Paper Diva, by Andrea Alessandro; Aiktu, by Paolo De Stefano; Riot BZZZ, by Giorgia Scuderi; Riverse, by Mirko Del Sorbo; Haiku, by Paola Giordano; L'autre moi, by Luca Di Giacomantonio; L'amore SuperBaby, by Ban Zsofia Klara; and Animata Materia, by Dorotea Oddo

Jewellery: Noisess, by Valentina Brunetti; Naturing, by Emma Calce; Error, by Lisa Dal Pont; Ied: 50 Years Of Evolution, by Marta Ferrara

Accessories: Armenergy by Cimitan Susanna and Andaloro Alessia; NÜ SHU (The Secret Language of Women), by Jessica Huang; Immaterialità by Irene Milani


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