24 July 2023

The Hospitality industry is constantly growing. Discover the professions that make the hospitality experience unique!

Hotels are undeniably unique places. Whether on a business or leisure trip, the spaces that welcome the visitor become both an oasis of leisure, an escape from monotony, and a time for relaxation. They are the very embodiment of hospitality. To make them such, careful planning that considers every detail is essential, ensuring that your stay is one to remember. Have you ever thought about how many professionals work behind the scenes to create a hotel room? Let's start with the fundamentals:

  1. Interior Designer specialising in Hospitality: designs the interiors of rooms, restaurants and lobbies, creating welcoming and functional environments.

  2. Decorator: works with the Interior Designer to select and position furniture, fabrics, lighting and accessories, ensuring harmony between all elements.

  3. Lighting Designer: works on the lighting design of interior spaces, creating atmospheric and functional environments, playing with light and shadow.

  4. Stylist: selects decorative items, works of art, and design elements that enhance interior spaces, paying attention to every detail.

  5. Outdoor Designer: takes care of outdoor areas of gardens and terraces, selecting outdoor furniture as well as plants.

Investing and training in this area opens the door to new professional opportunities in an ever-changing sector.

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