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November 2024


Full time


On campus


1 Year

Course Coordination

Francesco Maria Delogu

Learn how to create experiences through space design with the Master’s Diploma in Interior Design for Hospitality at IED Roma

Join us and let’s work together on designing new hospitality spaces. We will focus on the main social and organisational aspects connected with this activity, encouraging continuous interaction with the people involved in the overall construction process and the whole context where they operate.

The Master’s Diploma in Interior Design for Hospitality at IED Roma will give you the opportunity to understand how important the hotel industry is to develop a new tourist sector that keeps pace with the world of food and fashion. As such, Interior Design is set to play a key role in making accommodations turn into locations with unique style.

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Delivering design projects across one of the most dynamic sectors on the international market

The Master’s Diploma in Interior Design for Hospitality at IED Roma provides training with a special focus on applied design skills, as we believe that you can only learn a job through hands-on work. You will understand how construction sites are managed and gain cross-cutting, multidisciplinary skills.

The training consists of a number of specialist courses and modules, project-based lab sessions, opportunities for discussion with school partners, and also workshops with leading professionals and companies from the industry.

Three different types of lab-based activities will be provided, involving a growing level of technological and interactive experimentation. The first lab project will be focusing on how to develop a boutique hotel, while on the second one you will mainly work on room interior design. Finally, the third lab will have you involved in the design of catering spaces.

This Master's Diploma is intended to get you ready for designing very complex interiors with some unique style and personality.

The Master’s Diploma in Interior Design for Hospitality at IED Roma is for those like you who enjoy stories and have a traveller's mindset to explore the world with exciting ideas and projects, in different places over and over again.

It is designed for students with undergraduate education in such areas as Interior Design, Architecture or Product Design. Professionals with at least two years of relevant experience are also eligible.

Good knowledge of the most popular software tools for technical drawing, 3D modelling and representation is a pre-requisite. A B2 level in English is also required.

The Master’s Diploma in Interior Design for Hospitality at IED Roma takes its inspiration from the stunning historical and architectural heritage of a country like Italy.

You will be doing a job that is so unique, reflecting the special style of your interior design. Hospitality facilities are indeed like a living thing, taking shape and evolving as you create and develop your project.

At the end of your training, you will be able to work as a freelance designer in the areas of architecture and interior design, or also as a coordinator and specialist manager working within large and structured design firms.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 



Study programme

The Master's program consists of a series of courses that will provide you with a theoretical, analytical and technological knowledge base. 

Your dissertation project will link up with the boutique hotel project that you began working on as part of your first lab. You will have the opportunity to go into further detail, integrating the knowledge and skills you have acquired along the way.


Francesco Maria Delogu


Course Coordinator

Massimiliano Baldieri

Lighting Designer

Ilaria Tancredi


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Special lesson with Aaron Betsky

“Wouldn’t you much rather go exploring and find the incredible possibilities that exist in this huge all around us and figure out how to reimagine the world. That, I hope, is my challenge to you”.

Aaron Betsky

Critic of art, architecture, and design. President of the School of Architecture at Taliesin.