Study Abroad IED

If you have an interest in Fashion, Design, or Visual Arts, IED Study Abroad offers you the opportunity to develop personally and get prepared for the next undergraduate studies or provides you the additional professional training and qualifications.

Through lectures, meetings with professionals, and hands-on workshops you will be provided with an overview of the Italian design and Italian fashion system and market, the Made in Italy concept, the current trends, the new technologies, and innovative materials in the chosen field.

You may benefit from a 10% discount on the tuition fee if you complete the enrolment process within November 19th for Spring Semester programmes offered in Italy. The tuition fee must be paid by December 16th.



You can choose from different destinations, Milan, Florence, Madrid or Barcelona, and from a variety of topics, such as fashion design, interior design, jewelry design, fashion marketing, furniture design, graphic design, etc.

Each course combines academic study with an insight into the professional design world and takes full advantage of the rich culture of the hosting city.

Design Courses

Fashion Courses

Visual Arts Courses

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