Bobo, really?

Academic year


A marketing plan exploring the creation of a separate identity for Bobo Choses Adult

In order to effectively separate the adult product line from the children’s line without losing the brand’s values of creativity, fun and disruption, students have designed a marketing plan for Bobo Choses that includes three types of actions.

In terms of the product, the creation of a spring/summer collection for Bobo Choses Adult is proposed, structured in a way that allows complete looks to be formed, aligned with the company’s new style axes.

As for distribution, an exclusive space for this line in its flagship store on Rambla Catalunya is conceived, offering a unique and differentiated shopping experience.

Finally, with regard to communication, through the proposed message “Bobo, really?”, transmitted on social networks and via events with and promotion by influencers, it seeks to establish an emotional connection with users, inviting them to question and reflect on the transformation of Bobo Choses.

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