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Start date

October 2024




On campus


10 Months


60 IED

Course Coordination

Anna Sabater

Combine your passion for fashion and connecting with people with the best communication strategies, channels and processes in this stimulating field.

In this master´s degree you’ll learn to identify new sociocultural and market trends and design creative strategies to optimise collections in terms of final value, time and cost when launching a new brand or repositioning an existing one.

Find out how to keep in touch with the constantly evolving fashion scene, master the most appropriate marketing tools, and work in international and multidisciplinary teams.

Information to decide

Learn how to develop creative and effective marketing and communication plans, to meet the constantly evolving demands of a highly dynamic market.

The program learning objectives evolve as you progress. You’ll start with a grounding in the subjects, then learn how to use effective management tools, and, last but not least, prepare a unique marketing proposal. 

The master´s degree methodology is based on project development, so you can put everything you’ve learned into practice to internalise your new-found knowledge and use it effectively in a real professional setting. 

To conclude the program you’ll work with a brief prepared by a company operating in the sector, developing your own unique proposals that meet the company’s needs, presenting your work as the final thesis for your master's degree. 

This master's degree is for professionals who want to work in the world of fashion, but don’t want to focus specifically on design. If you have a passion for Fashion Design and want to focus on fashion marketing and communication, this is the program for you. 

The syllabus is drawn up specifically for degree holders/graduates in design and other disciplines such as Business Administration, Information Science, Advertising, PR, or Law.

Professionals with at least two years of experience in the fashion industry can acquire the tools they need to take their career to the next level in an increasingly competitive world.

Taking your Master’s Degree in Fashion Marketing and Communication at IED Barcelona, a school that has outstanding connections with the business world, puts you in touch with some of the major brands in the sector. 

You’ll be collaborating with companies and institutions in the sector throughout the program in a full-immersion experience, giving you an unprecedented taste of the reality of today’s market. 

The wide range of job opportunities this master´s degree offers is another important point to consider, as it gives you the chance to work in various areas such as the marketing departments of fashion brands or media companies. 

Last but not least, Design Thinking integrated into the work process and innovative learning methods make this program unique.


What will you learn?

In this master’s degree you’ll acquire essential know-how and a comprehensive overview of fashion culture, marketing and communication, including luxury marketing, digital communication, PR and more. You’ll also learn which tools to use to manage a marketing department.

A critical look at the History of Fashion

Fashion and Film

Art Direction

Consumer Psychology and Market Research


Fashion and Styling Trends

An introduction to Marketing

Luxury Branding and Marketing

Fashion Marketing

Online Marketing

Retail Marketing

Strategic Communication

Digital Communication

PR and Fashion Events

Visual Merchandising

Digital Analysis

A Strategic Fashion Product, Fabrics and a Merchandising Plan

Fashion and the Metaverse

Inclusive Fashion

Purchasing and the Product Manager


Brand Internationalisation

Ethical Fashion



Final Project



Anna Sabater

Course Coordinator

Tatiana Valoira