Levi’s coffee table book  IED Barcelona - Estudiante: Soda Lindau

Academic year


A work in line with the trend of nostalgia to interpret the Levi’s brand through a variety of lenses

Originating from a personal exploration of her own family spaces, the student presents a playfully evocative project that consists of art direction, visual identity and communication strategy in order to interpret the Levi’s brand through a variety of lenses: the close and the known, from the past to the present.

Positioned within the trend of nostalgia, the work delves into direct emotional references to reflect the company’s classic associations and codes while feeling fresh and vibrant, extremely of the moment and alive within a human space.

The use of narrative written language and personalised images contextualises Levi’s existence through generations, thereby helping to frame an exploration of sustainability as a practical and attainable alternative to ephemeral fashion.

A direct and familiar proposal that combines photographs taken by the student and collected from family archives to create an intimate relationship with the reader.