Academic year


Best Product Design Thesis 2023

The origin of the concept of Maiko comes from extensive research into the subsoil, which is being impoverished by intensive agriculture through the use of heavy agricultural machinery and chemical fertilisers. The innovative approach is based on mycorrhizal fungi and its ability to synthesise key substances for plant growth, such as carbon, nitrogen and potassium.

Maiko is an autonomous robot whose main objective is to detect impoverished areas of soil and inoculate a mycorrhizal solution close to the roots of crops, using a retractable injection system.

The project encourages the adoption of Agriculture 4.0 systems, which include the implementation of smaller-scale smart devices, connected to a big data cloud, in order to perform targeted tasks or micro-jobs.

As an ultimate impact, it aims to change the way land and crops are cultivated today, since without fungi, the world as we know it would not exist.