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Start date

September 2024


Full time


On campus


4 Years


240 ECTS

Use your creative potential in one of the most important fields of design to make a difference, create a more sustainable future, improve the way we live and the impact we have on the environment.

This degree gives you the skills you need to create projects with a social, strategic and technological perspective for a multitude of sectors: furniture and furnishings, lighting, consumer electronics, packaging, personal accessories, tools and utensils, electrical appliances or wearables, to name a few.

Combining the traditions of old with the state-of-the-art, this program, taught by lecturers with extensive professional experience in the sector, gives you a global panorama of product design to meet the new aesthetic, technological and sustainable needs of modern society.

You’ll develop your creative talent to the full in this 4-year degreewith a hands-on approach that puts you in touch with the reality of the product design world. You’ll have all the tools you need to channel your interests, skills and environmental concerns, interpreting the complexities of today's world in products of social, cultural, aesthetic and technological value.

Information to decide

A hands-on program to excel in the design of sustainable and innovative products in a variety of sectors.

The BA in Design, specialising in Product Design gives you the opportunity to develop real and speculative projects, working with professionals who have extensive experience in the sector.

It’s a gradual learning process: you’ll be presented with a series of challenges, some simple, some technically complex, on a range of topics in many different situations. The aim of this is to give you all the resources required to comprehend market demands and social needs, with the tools and know-how to meet those needs.

At the end of your 4-year degree you’ll have acquired all the skills you need to create and showcase your projects as a professional designer, presenting your ideas in a fluent and competent way in specialised professional contexts.

This program is for those who want to express their creative talent to the full, exploring the world of product design, acquiring a full understanding of how product design works and how it can help improve the way we live in the modern world.

If you want to develop your aesthetic and cultural interests, and channel your environmental concerns, this program gives you the opportunity to take your first steps in a professional sector where you can embrace the values of sustainability and innovation.

You’ll learn to understand the increasingly global and hyperconnected reality of our world and evolve to become a key player in the work that needs to be done to achieve universal well-being, creating products that combine the values of inclusiveness, sustainability, functionality, innovation and beauty.

Last but not least, the multidisciplinary environment of the IED community helps you convey your ideas for a new product in the best possible way, both in visual, verbal and written presentations.

You’ll be studying your BA in Design, specialising in Product Design at one of the best design schools, learning from professional designers with years of experience in the field.

You’ll acquire all the secrets, skills and know-how necessary to make your mark in fields such as ephemeral design, furnishings, consumer electronics, handicrafts, lighting, mobility, window displays, home or personal complements and accessories. What’s more, you’ll be sharing interdisciplinary experiences in spaces and workshops equipped for different activities with students studying other design specialties at IED, enriching your experience and broadening your horizons.

During this program you’ll discover an active learning method: every day you’ll experience a study and work environment that actively encourages you to explore and develop your ideas, gaining experience in digital and hands-on workshops.


What will you learn?

The first year introduces you to the basic concepts of design, project culture and methodology. You’ll learn to analyse and understand context, using design to create and communicate.

First Semester

Design Fundamentals I
Representation Techniques I
Project Communication I
An introduction to Marketing
Science Applied to Design
Form and Colour

Second Semester

Design Fundamentals II
Representation Techniques II
Project Communication II
Technical Drawing I

Year Subject

The History of Art and Design

What will you learn?

The second year is focused on developing your own unique creative style. You’ll discover the best tools to use when creating and developing a product. You’ll prepare projects that explore the real needs of our modern world.

First Semester

Multidisciplinary Workshop I
Product Design Technology I
Product Design Representation Techniques I
Technical Project
Product Design Technical Drawing I
Packaging Project

Second Semester

Interdisciplinary Project
Product Design Computing I
Ergonomics Project
Styling Project
The History of Product Design
Volume in Product Design
Domestic Project

What will you learn?

In the third year you’ll work hands-on in the real world to gain experience working with companies operating in the sector. You’ll also begin working on more technical and complex projects, developing prototypes, calculating real production costs. What’s more you’ll be working as part of interdisciplinary teams, discovering how new materials, like biomaterials, nanomaterials or materials with zero impact on the environment, can be applied in a sustainable way.

First Semester

Product Design Project Communication I
Lighting Project
Product Design Workshop I
Two Wheels Project
Product Design Computing II

Second Semester

Multidisciplinary Workshop II
Product Design Technology II
Urban Materials’ Project
Product Design Marketing
Moving Fabric Project
Personal Development Project

What will you learn?

In the fourth year you’ll put what you’ve learnt into practice in the form of mandatory work experience to define your own professional profile. Last but not least, you’ll develop a final project working with companies operating in the field, building prototypes which, if approved, will go into production to be launched on the market.

First Semester

Professional Work Experience
Design Management Project
Product Design Project Communication II
Ephemeral Project
Mobility Project
Product Design Workshop II
Multidisciplinary Workshop III

Second Semester

Final Project


Raffaella Perrone


Ruben Oya