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Start date

September 2024


Full time


On campus


4 Years


240 ECTS

Course Coordination

Raffaella Perrone, Sebastian Alberdi

Channel your aesthetic/cultural interests and environmental concerns by specialising in the design of products focused on sustainability, inclusion and interdisciplinary interaction.

This program in product design, taught in English, gives you the tools you need to create projects with a social, strategic and technological perspective for a multitude of sectors: furnishings, lighting, consumer electronics, packaging, personal accessories, tools and utensils, electrical appliances or wearables, to name but a few.

The program gives you an overall view of product design, from the first hint of an idea to launching a new product. With the help of our teaching staff, who have years of experience working as professional designers in the sector, you’ll learn how to meet the new aesthetic, technological and sustainable requirements people demand today.

You’ll develop your talent and creative skills in this 4-year program .  You’ll have all the tools you need to draft and develop a professional project, presenting innovative solutions for the complexities of the modern world, combining aesthetic quality, function and a commitment to values.

There are 60 places available for first-year students majoring in Product Design. Of these places, there is no specific number assigned by pathway or language.

Information to decide

A degree in English for the student who wants to specialise in the design of sustainable and innovative products in a variety of sectors.

The Bachelor of Arts in Product Design opens doors for you to collaborate closely with professionals, designers with years of experience in the sector, developing real and speculative projects.

You’ll notice a gradual evolution in your skills and know-how: you'll develop a variety of projects, some simple, some technically complex, on a range of topics in many different situations. You’ll be in a position to specifically understand the needs of the market and the requirements of the people using your products, while gradually discovering everything you want to know about professional product design.

At the end of your 4-year program you’ll have acquired all the skills you need to create and showcase your ideas and projects as a professional designer, presenting your ideas in a fluent and competent way in a variety of specific professional contexts.

This program is for those who want to express their creative talent to the full, exploring the world of product design, acquiring in-depth knowledge on how product design works and how it can help improve the way we live in the modern world.

In particular, this program is for people who want to be proactive in finding solutions for the environmental, technological, aesthetic and cultural problems of our modern world, making the most of this opportunity to work in a professional sector that today is more focused than ever on meeting the sustainable requirements of product users.

You’ll learn to understand the increasingly global and hyperconnected reality of our world and evolve to become a key player in the collective endeavour to achieve universal well-being, creating products that combine the values of inclusiveness, sustainability, functionality, innovation and beauty.
Last but not least, the multidisciplinary environment of the IED community helps you to convey your ideas for a new product in the best possible way, in visual, verbal and written presentations.

You’ll have the opportunity to study at one of the most reputable design schools, learning from professional designers working in this specific field, using facilities and workshops equipped with everything you need to turn theory into practice while working on a range of projects.

You’ll acquire all the secrets, skills and know-how necessary to make your mark in fields such as ephemeral design, furnishings, consumer electronics, handicraft, lighting, mobility, window displays, home or personal complements and accessories. You’ll also have the opportunity to share interdisciplinary experiences with IED students studying other fields of design.

During this program, taught in English, you’ll develop your skills using a learning-by-doing method: every day you’ll find a study and work environment that actively encourages you to explore and develop your ideas as they take shape, gaining experience in digital and hands-on workshops.


What will you learn?

The first year introduces you to the basic concepts of design, project culture and methodology. You’ll learn to analyse and understand the context, using design to create and communicate.

First semester

Foundation Project I
Representation Techniques I
Project Communication I
An introduction to Marketing
Science Applied to Design
Colour and Form

Second Semester

Foundation Project II
Representation Techniques II
Project Communication II
Technical Drawing I
Volume I

Year Subject

The History of Art and Design

What will you learn?

The second year is focused on developing your own unique creative style. You’ll learn to choose and use the best tools for creating and developing a product. You’ll prepare projects that explore the real needs of our modern world.

First Semester

Multidisciplinary Workshop I
Technology for Product Design I
Representation Techniques for Product Design I
Technical Project
Technical Drawing for Product Design I
Packaging Project

Second Semester

Interdisciplinary Project
Computer Tools for Product Design
Ergonomics Project
Styling Project
History of Product Design
Volume for Product Design
Domestic Project

What will you learn?

In the third year you’ll work hands-on in the real world to gain experience working with companies operating in the sector. You’ll also work on more technical and complex projects, developing prototypes and calculating real production costs. You’ll collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, discovering how new materials, like biomaterials, nanomaterials or materials with zero impact on the environment, can be applied in a sustainable way.

First Semester

Project Communication for Product Design I
Lighting Project
Lab for Product Design I
Two Wheels Project
Computer Tools for Product Design II

Second Semester

Multidisciplinary Workshop II
Technology for Product Design II
Urban Materials Project
Marketing for Product Design
Textile-mobile Project
Personal Development Project

What will you learn?

In the fourth year you’ll put what you’ve learnt into practice in the form of mandatory work experience to define your own professional profile. Last but not least, you’ll develop a final project working with companies operating in the field, building prototypes which, if approved, will go into production to be launched on the market.

First Semester

Professional Internship
Design Management Project
Project Communication for Product Design II
Ephemeral Project
Mobility Project
Lab for Product Design II
Multidisciplinary Workshop III

Second Semester

Final Project


Raffaella Perrone


Sebastian Alberdi

Course Coordinator

Sanna Völker