Academic year


Winner, IED Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue Award for Best Interior Design Thesis at IED Barcelona

Taking inspiration from Catalonia’s rich gastronomic culture, this project aims to explore the possibilities of alternative sources of protein (microproteins, algae, fungi and vegetable proteins) as substitutes for meat consumption, as well as their incorporation into our daily lives.

To this end, it conceives the creation of a centre for research, creativity and innovation for professionals in the form of a gastro-technological laboratory at the Masía of Can Reon, in Tiana, holding conferences and experimental cooking workshops. The exterior houses several vegetable gardens where alternative proteins can be grown, as well as offering tasting sessions for visitors.

In order to emphasise the contrast between heritage and innovation, the spaces are designed with a colour palette that makes use of neutral tones and materials such as steel to represent technology, and warm colours, vertical gardens and other biophilic design elements that reflect nature.