Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. Barcelona. | © Proyecto: Miré. Estudiante: Haeun Lee.



Start date

September 2024


Full time


On campus


4 Years


240 ECTS

Course Coordination

Ignasi Bonjoch, Raffaella Perrone

A program in which you’ll combine your creative touch with a holistic approach to interior design, focused on user experience, lighting, finishes, technology, materials and how to create atmosphere.

In this program you’ll discover and learn to manage all the phases of interior, exterior, ephemeral and permanent design projects, from the first stages to full implementation.

Soon you’ll be designing anything from a home to an exhibition space, from furnishing elements to bespoke units, as you acquire the basic building blocks of product design. 

You’ll develop your own identity as a designer, acquiring the essential skills needed to make a real project a success. System-based thinking, communication and leadership are other key aspects of the course. 

Information to decide

A hands-on, holistic approach to designing the spaces of the future, in your own unique style.

The program is based on a progressive learning process in which you’ll acquire a full understanding of interior design, with the skills, tools and abilities necessary to express well-founded ideas.

You’ll learn to observe trends and styles in a contemporary context, be fully able to comprehend and satisfy the unique expectations of each particular client.

We’ll actively encourage you to express your creative freedom to the full, emphasising that said expression is intended to satisfy the user’s expectations. Likewise, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to develop your skills, embracing sensibility and interdisciplinary culture in all your projects.

This program is particularly designed for people who conceive living spaces, the places we inhabit and work in, where we move and meet others, with a sustainable vision for the future and an emphasis on user experience.

It’s the perfect program if you see this discipline as all-embracing, considering aspects such as acoustics, lighting, the use of materials, the concept of comfort and the integration of technology from a humanistic perspective.

This program is all-encompassing to give you a hands-on, professional vision, an approach to a working context, that of a real company, while at times exploring some of the more speculative and artistic aspects of interior design.

You’ll be studying in Barcelona, a capital of modernism, an age in which architectural design and interior space combined and worked together as one. What’s more, you’ll be studying at a renowned design school, one that collaborates with major players in the sector, another feather in your cap in terms of personal and academic experience.

But that’s not all! This program approaches interior design from a holistic perspective, placing special emphasis on lighting, the use of materials, the concept of comfort, respect for the environment and the importance of sustainability.

During the program, you’ll also delve into subjects such as design projects for mobility, urban materials, and the Ephemeral Project.


What will you learn?

In the first year you’ll learn the basics of design and how to use drawing. You’ll also take a step into the world of marketing and communication, acquiring all the skills you need to turn an idea into a successful project that meets the user’s needs. Last but not least, you'll be familiar with the history of art and design. 

First Semester

Foundation Project I
Representation Techniques I
Project Communication I
An introduction to Marketing
Science Applied to Design
Colour and Form

Second Semester

Foundation Project II
Representation Techniques II
Project Communication II
Technical Drawing I
Volume I

Year subject

The History of Art and Design

What will you learn?

In the second year you’ll work on hands-on projects applying all the skills you’ve learnt. We’ll provide you with the tools you need, and give you a global view of the materials used, while introducing the concepts of sustainability and efficiency. 

First Semester

Multidisciplinary Workshop I
Technology for Interior Design I
Representation Techniques for Interior Design I
Technical Drawing for Interior Design I
History of Interior Design I
Volume for Interior Design I
House Project

Second Semester

Interdisciplinary Project 
Computer Tools for Interior Design I 
Personal Development Project 
Computer Tools for Interior Design II 
Workspace Project 
Project Communication for Interior Design I

What will you learn?

The third year focuses on acquiring the knowledge necessary to enhance your critical capacity, to consider the pros and cons of various possible project solutions. You’ll find out about current design trends and how to apply them to commercial spaces, working with lighting, a fundamental feature of interior design. 

First Semester

Technology for Interior Design II 
Lighting Project 
Ergonomics-furniture ProjectTechnical Project for Interior Design 
Project Management 
House Renovation Project 
Computer Drawing Lab I

Second Semester

Multidisciplinary Workshop II
Project Communication for Interior Design II
Urban Materials Project
Commercial Spaces Project 
Lab for Interior Design I

What will you learn?

The fourth year focuses on gaining the professional experience necessary to apply the know-how and skills you acquired in the previous three years. Every student culminates their course by presenting a final project, putting into practice the theory of the design process and previous experience gained. 

First Semester

Professional Internship 
Design Management Project 
Interior Design Transportation Project 
Ephemeral Project 
Project Communication for Interior Design III 
Lab for Interior Design II
Multidisciplinary Workshop III

Second Semester

Final Project


Raffaella Perrone


Ignasi Bonjoch

Course Coordinator

Raquel Gil