Academic year


Humanity has finally understood that its own survival on earth is fully dependant on allowing ecosystems to regrow in the hands of nature itself with a little help from technology.

POLENO is a drone aiding the process of expanding ecosystems through stimulating pollination. POLENO is capable of deploying a fertilizer device over long distances, quietly and not intrusively mimicking the operation of a flower.

Laura Cragnolini is a product designer with a passion for graphic and packaging design. She enjoys sharing ideas and helping out, always open to learning from others. She aims to develop strong and impactful projects as part of a multidisciplinary team. 

Juan José Martínez Guerrero starts from the challenges faced by the current generation, and looks for inspiration in nature, for he believes it has got all the answers. He is able to think outside the box and divide big problems into small challenges. He is curious, motivated and enthusiastic, constantly sharing his ideas so that something revolutionary is created. 

The project participated in the Global Graduate Show of Dubai Design Week in 2019.