Academic year


Water Wall is a home water management system aimed at turning household grey water into drinking water.

Water Wall, features three filters: a sand filter, an activated charcoal filter, and a plasma filter / HEPF. These filters allow one to use 80% of grey water and also to analyse users’ water-consumption patterns. Furthermore, with the usage of the Internet of Things, there are plans to turn Water Wall into new water purification systems that could be sold to companies and other households, creating revenue for users

Team Water Wall is composed of:

Francesco Maria Lucini - IED Barcelona

Miguel Sanchez Rubio - ESADE

Roberto Alfredo Dager - ESADE

Sara El Mehtar - UPC Barcelona

Fusion Point brings together companies and students from several universities to meet and develop projects. Students include ESADE Business Administration and Law students, engineering students from Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC) and design students from IED Barcelona. Fusion Point works like a lab: based on real challenges, multidisciplinary teams develop new products, services and processes by adopting innovative methodologies.

Challenge Based Innovation by CERN is a programme asking teams of university students to develop projects for the purpose of making disruptive innovation, inspired by technological ideas that come from instrumentation development or basic research at CERN one of the world’s leading research centres in particle physics.